CONTI-AIR Printing Blankets – Genuine Large Formats

CONTI-AIR printing blankets 7 PLUS and UV PLUS ensure optimum printing results in large-format sheet-fed and metal printing 

• Eco-friendly steel bars make adhesive unnecessary 



Better printing results, high speeds and more productivity – the two new Conti-Air printing blankets 7 PLUS and UV PLUS for large-format sheet-fed and metal printing rise to the challenges posed by the industry. “There is an unmistakable trend in the market toward large-format machines and offset printing,” explains Rodolfo Stephanus, head of sales for Conti-Air. “The high speeds and larger sheet formats place much higher demands on printing blankets – but our two new products are more than up to the challenge.” There is a further innovation in the form of adhesive-free applied steel bars for clamping the printing blankets; these bars further the idea of climate-neutral production.


Two with a genuine plus

The new printing blanket Conti-Air 7 PLUS is more than just an alternative for smooth halftone and solid color printing. “The new low-migration inks require a new cover compound that ensures optimum ink transfer even at high speed without jeopardizing good paper release,” explains Stephanus. With its unique design, the Conti-Air 7 PLUS meets the requirements of large packaging, publishing and metal printing shops – high speed and consistent quality. It is suitable for conventional inks, and for some UV inks. 


With the Conti-Air UV PLUS, ContiTech is expanding its product portfolio in UV printing for the field of large-format and metal printing. As such, the new printing blanket is perfectly suitable for large-format sheet-fed offset printing machines. Thanks to a special cover rubber, it is highly swell-resistant to UV inks and UV washing agents. This yields extremely sharp halftone printing and smooth solid colour printing, reduced vibration stripes and high dimensional stability. It predestines the Conti-Air UV PLUS for exclusive use in UV printing. “With our new development, we are helping our customers achieve greater productivity,” says Stephanus. “In the highly competitive world of packaging printing, this constitutes the key to sustainable success.” 


The two Conti-Air printing blankets are certified by ISEGA, the respected independent consultancy and test institute for industry and trade. This institute tests and evaluates the suitability of foodstuffs for the packaging industry. On the basis of these tests, ContiTech blankets have been approved for printing foodstuff packaging.


Eco-friendlier packaging of printing blankets

Engineering Green Value determines the success of ContiTech. The eco-friendly manufacture of Conti-Air printing blankets promotes this idea. In its format center, the company now uses adhesive-free applied steel bars from reputable manufacturers. Conti-Air printing blankets are cut to every format at the center. They are fitted with bars mechanically, without the use of environmentally harmful adhesives.


“We use the mechanically secured bars, which lock into the blanket and the rubber side, in the sheet-fed offset field,” explains Stefan Benic, head of the Format Center. “Even without the use of adhesive, a bar pull-out strength of 1,500 Newtons on five centimeters is attained.” Depending on the manufacturer, up to 2,000 Newtons are possible. Thanks to the new bars, there is no hardening in the oven. This makes the process quicker and more flexible. In addition, no cleaning work on the blanket is necessary any longer – a further decisive advantage in addition to the advantage of environmental friendliness. 

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